04 May 2012

Nail Art Challenge Day 3: Yellow (and my gradient attempt!)

So for today's color I decided on China Glaze "Electric Pineapple", which is a color I usually use for details. It is a nice creamy yellow color that gives more of a cool vibe than a warm vibe - in fact, I think it even has a greenish tint to it.

I absolutely love this color because it is China Glaze and it has a great formula. This is two coats and I think I could have used one more, but I like the way the manicure turned out.

I don't think this is part of the CG collection - I actually got it on clearance at a beauty supply store at the end of the summer!

I also attempted a gradient (again.)

This is with China Glaze "Starboard."

This is my most successful attempt at a gradient so far, and I think it has a lot to do with the sponge!

My first attempt was with a face sponge that was not porous enough, so that didn't work. Then I tried a body sponge that was too porous!

This attempt was with a face sponge that I used to use for my foundation. I think it was my most successful try so far - I just need to work on the technique.

What do you guys think?

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