27 May 2012

Hello Kitty Nail (Fail)

Hey guys, sorry for totally not posting for a week, but I just started my internship at MTV (Ah!!!!!) and it is pretty exhausting, I barely have had time to paint my nails let alone photograph them and write about them. I might have to post bi-weekly instead of daily from now on..

Anyway, to my great delight, my mother purchased me Hello Kitty nail polish from Target the other day, and if there are two things I can't resist, it's Hello Kitty and nail polish!

I got a little excited and ripped open the package, but I put it back together to take a photo. The colors don't have names but clockwise there is blue, pink, green, glitter in silver, and purple.

And here is my best attempt with the nail polish. Needless to say, the formula was a nightmare and I could not sponge a gradient for my life. I also had to use several coats and the colors dried way darker than the bottle, so I had to cover it up with the glitter which didn't make it look much better haha.

I will not even put a water mark on this because I doubt anyone wants to claim these nails as their own haha!

At least I can peel off the polish when I'm done typing this :p


  1. Ohhhh well that was so promising! I'm sorry it turned out worse than expected! But it still looks nice, I assure you!

    Congrats on your job at MTV ^^

    1. Haha well I think I can at least keep the bottles for if I'm painting a kid's nails :p

      And thank you so much :) :) I wasn't going to mention it on here but I am just so excited that I get to work there :) :)

  2. hahaha aweee that sucks!!! and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to mtv congrats girl!!

  3. I think it looks pretty darn good! May not be what you had in mind, but some times the end result is even better. My latest post was that way...I planned on a Memorial Day themed mani, but ended up having a Fish themed mani...that I loved!

    Good job...it looks good! And congrats on MTV, how exciting!!!!

    1. haha well the blurry photo might not help this mess! I'll definitely be trying again though ;)

      And thanks !! I am so excited!!


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