About Me

My name is Kelli Dobrin and I am a 24 year old nail artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. When I am not painting my nails, I am a graphic designer and videographer. I started this blog a long time ago, when I decided I wanted to share my nail art with the world after seeing some beautiful nail art online. When I started out, I was terrible! I mean really, I don't think I knew what cuticle oil was, haha! I gradually improved, and I continue to improve every day (or so I like to believe!).

My passion for polish has grown so much. I haven't counted in a while, but I would guess that I own over 1000 bottles of nail polish (which is not a lot compared to some other nail bloggers out there!) I am constantly thinking of new nail art designs to try out, or new nail polish brands to try. I am definitely a nail addict!

I am no longer blogging here, but you can find me on YouTube and Instagram as Kelli Marissa.


  1. Only just read me, sooo just shared that meme on facebook haha x

  2. Hi, I like your comment to keep with practising because I am self-taught and am getting better all the time. My biggest problem is foiling. I can't seem to get them to stick on the nail. Help!!


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