09 July 2014

HB Beauty Bar: OPI Go Neon or Go Nude Collection Swatches

Today I've got a long overdue post for you - I finally swatched the OPI Go Neon or Go Nude Collection from HB Beauty Bar! This collection consists of six bright neon polishes - four creams and two shimmers - and a white base coat to help the colors pop!

OPI Go Neon or Go Nude

I didn't photograph a swatch of the white base coat, because it's just a basic white polish. It's pretty nice though, and it'll probably come in handy for nail art! I decided to swatch the first three polishes on their own without the white base, because they were opaque enough on their own, and the other three are layered over white (because they had a sheer finish). It's not completely necessary to layer, but it does help brighten the polish, so it's worth trying.


Let's start with You Are So Outta Lime, a soft neon green cream with a fabulous formula. Seriously, I loved applying this one! It was super smooth and creamy, and I probably could have gotten away without using top coat since it was shiny on its own. And it definitely has a nice color - I might become a green polish lover yet! Shown above is three coats and top coat.


Life Gave Me Lemons is a creamy highlighter yellow that definitely screams summer! Again, this one had a great formula and I love the color - I am surprised that I didn't have to layer this one over white, it was fully opaque and bright without any base coat. The formula was very similar to the green polish. Shown above is three coats with top coat.

Juice Bar Hopping is a bright neon orange cream that reminds me of traffic cones. This is the last polish I chose to apply without the white base, because I thought the jelly-like formula would do well on its own - and I was right! But if you are looking for a brighter finish, I suggest applying it over white. Shown above is three coats and top coat - this one had a rubbery matte finish before applying top coat, as is usual for neon polishes.

Let the layering begin! Down to the Core-al is a gorgeous neon coral polish packed with a pinkish shimmer. Seriously, my photos do not do this eye-searing polish justice! I layered two coats over white, and the result was just beautiful. I could wear this one on my toes all summer, and I love how tan it makes my skin look! Shown above is two coats over the OPI white base coat, and top coat. (Again, this one dried to a matte finish, which actually looked pretty awesome, but I figured I should top coat it for consistency!)

Hotter Than You Pink is a cool toned neon pink packed with bright blue shimmer. Again, I layered this polish over white to get the full bright effect! I'm obsessed with this kind of pink this summer, and this polish is no exception. This polish has the same formula as the coral shimmer above, and dried to a matte finish. Shown above is three thin coats over OPI white base coat, and top coat.

And finally, we have Push & Pur-pull, a dark purple jelly. I didn't think this polish matched the rest of the neon collection, but I do like the color. I decided to layer it over white because it is so sheer, but I probably could have benefited from adding an extra coat for opacity. I think this color would be great for gradients, since jellies are my favorite for creating them (they make the transition look so smooth!) Shown above is three thin coats over the OPI white base coat, and top coat.

Overall, I love most of these colors and I can already see myself rocking them by the pool or at the beach this summer. My favorites are definitely Hotter Than You Pink and You Are So Outta Lime.

All of these polishes are available on the HB Beauty Bar website for $8 USD each ($8.95 USD for the white base coat), or for $55 USD for the entire collection, including the white base coat. Don't forget to use the code POLISHCHALLENGE at checkout to get 15% off your entire order!

Which colors do you like best?

Products provided for my honest review.


  1. I have all the polishes too! They are really pretty!

  2. Some fun and bright shades in this collection. There nice.

  3. I'm a true OPI-maniac, so when I saw these collection I was realy excited! Finally, there are (only) three of them in my collection and the white base. Life Gave Me Lemons was my fave from the beginning and now I'm so happy that the formula is nice! This shade is a pure perfection to me :)

    Great swatches as usual :)

    1. I'm glad you like them! And yes, I found that this yellow formula was much better than the yellow from the OPI Brazil collection (the name is escaping me right now, haha!)


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